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meet camely medina

Executive Director

Camely Medina stands as an exemplary and highly seasoned professional in the entertainment and media realms, boasting a remarkable career spanning more than three decades. As a multilingual 360 Producer, she has garnered an outstanding reputation for her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Medina's comprehensive background encompasses a diverse array of entertainment projects, ranging from reality TV shows and prestigious music award ceremonies to the seamless execution of live concerts, music video productions, and activation events. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently assumed pivotal roles, overseeing the entire production process—from meticulous staff and crew coordination to adept talent management and the cultivation of robust vendor relationships.

A standout feature of Medina's professional profile is her exceptional ability to cultivate strong working alliances with key industry stakeholders, including top executives, directors, and producers. These relationships, forged over years of dedicated work, serve as a testament to her influence in the industry, regularly opening doors to new opportunities and collaborative ventures.

Furthermore, Medina's vast network of contacts and her exceptional rapport with various vendors, spanning production companies, talent agencies, hotels, restaurants, venues, catering services, and security firms, equip her with a powerful toolkit for the successful execution of diverse projects.

Medina's multifaceted experience, extensive industry connections, and unblemished professional standing position her as a highly valuable and capable leader within the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment and media sectors.

EVENTS PRODUCER - manager, planner, tv producer, events production, red carpet, transportation, meet and greet, live concerts

Areas of Expertise as a Producer/Manager:


  • TV Shows 

  • Activation Events

  • Special Events

  • Live Music Shows & Concerts

  • Fashion Shows

  • Meet & Greet 

  • Red Carpet 

  • Product Launching 

  • Music Album Release Showcases

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